What is Flash Fiction?

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What is flash fiction? Exact definitions can vary by specific market, but generally, complete stories of fewer than 1,500, 1,000, 500 or even 300 words can be classified as flash fiction. Other terms play companionably in the same sandbox, including short-short stories, immediate fiction, sudden fiction and microfiction, though their definitions overlap and publishers’ uses of them often vary just as widely as the word limits do. In a nutshell: Many publishers and writers use short-shorts, immediate fiction and sudden fiction interchangeably to reference works of 500–750 words, while microfiction often refers to stories of fewer than 400 words.

By smbysh

Welcome to Tiger-Lily’s Flash Fiction Cave

This site is formerly Author S.M.Bysh. Due to word press cracking down on anyone whom does blog tours etc, I have had to movmy author site to blogger and converted this to a story telling blog.  This will just random flash fiction posts written totally by me. 

This should be an interesting adventure I do hope my old followers will remain with me through this transition process. And follow my new blog as well, where now all the updates and other things will be at. 

On this blog I have a contact me page. Where you the viewer can contact me and pick the genre each week for me to write in and as long as it isn’t adult/ erotica stuff I will write in anything. This blog will also be kid friendly so any under-aged minor that visits here will also be able to enjoy my stories.


There will be a couple rules. 


1.  Don’t use my comments to advertise your sites of any kind. 

2. NO foul language in your comments. Remember this is a kid friendly site. 


By smbysh